Protect your other pets.

Get a 10% discount for 2 pets.
15% off for 3 or more pets!

Kittens and cats.
$18.99 a month or 62c a day.

Pups and dogs under 20kg.
$21.99 a month or 72c a day.

Dogs over 20kg.
$24.99 a month or 82c a day.

Fleamail protects your pets against all major Aussie parasites including: Fleas, Mites, Ticks for canines, Intestinal, Tape and Heartworm.

“What a great service and product!!! It saves me time and money! Definitely recommended”! 

Elena B

“Such a great idea…let someone else do the remembering”. 

Liv L

“Great service!!! Being a little forgetful, this has made my life so much easier. Thank you”. 

Lynton J

“Thank you, it’s affordable and saves me forgetting to treat my pets . Elsa and Lexie”. 

Ada P