Help protect Aussie dogs & cats while building a new revenue stream.

“After signing up to Fleamail, I found out about their partner program. It’s brilliant”!

Clodagh, owner of Instagram heartbreaker Rollo the Shiba. You can see Rollo in action here → #rolloshiba

1. Why partner with FleaMail?

As Aussie Vets, we’re not very good at marketing, in fact we’re terrible at it!

That’s why we love working with partners, so together we can make it easier and more affordable for Aussie pet owners to properly protect their pets. Our mission is to save the estimated 45,000 Aussie cats and dogs hospitalised because of parasites – and the countless fatalities – each year.

2. What are the perks?

We know you’re busy running your business, and we sincerely appreciate your time and efforts to help get FleaMail out there. So we hope these perks add up (if not please email evan@fleamail.com.au and we can catch-up for a quick chat to see what you need).

The perks:

a). A unique landing page to share with your customers and friends that will track, discount and give your business ongoing commission.
b). Simple, 1-click activation means no coupon codes, no extra steps, just share the link.
c). $2/month for every sign-up, for as long as the pet is on FleaMail.
d). Access to our graphic design team for custom physical flyers for markets/trade show/expos
d). 200 sign-ups is and extra $4,800 a year net profit. Not Shabby!

3. What we ask.

You know your customers and audience better than any one, so we’ve just a few simple requests.

General guide: 

a). Let us know if you need any print materials, we’ll add your voucher code to them!
b). Please use the #fleamail (Insta) or @fleamail.com.au (Facebook) tags if posting anything on social.
c). Please tell us if you need help sending out emails, Blog posts etc. for your customer base. Our graphic design team is ready to help. PLUS we can give you engaging blog articles from Australian Vets to share!
d). Tell us what we can be doing better. We’re only kinda new and we always want to improve!

4. Getting started!

Simply ping us on Instagram or Facebook messenger, email Evan – evan@fleamail.com.au or call on 0451 793 963. Most businesses can be completely set up in under 48hrs

We hope to team up with you soon: )
The FleaMail team.