Meet Dr Evan Shaw.

Aussie Veterinarian and FleaMail founder.

Like lots of Aussie & NZ kids who grew up with animals, Evan used to dream about “one day” becoming a Vet and saving their lives. To travel the world rescuing exotic, and our most beloved local pets and wildlife from injuries and illnesses – like this spikey little fella!

So after graduating from James Cook University with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science and working for the likes of RSPCA and other QLD clinics, he did just that and headed to Africa.

This is Dr Evan vaccinating a Hartebeest, an unforgettable moment.

However, it wasn’t until he returned to Australia, that his life changed.

On April 24th 2016, Dr Evan almost quit:

  • That day he had to euthanise 16 pets from preventable parasite-related illnesses.
  • That day he had multiple families break down in his clinic.
  • That day almost broke him.

In Dr Evan’s words: “I signed up to save animals, not kill them”.

But how could this happen in the first place?

“I think it’s too easy to forget because our lives are busier than ever these days” explains Dr Evan. Counselling devastated pet owners always bought up two main reasons:

1. Not having the right treatments, or
2. Simply forgetting on the due date.

Dr Evan knew there must be a better way for Aussie pet owners and founded FleaMail. He has now extended this business into New Zealand & has a dedicated team of hoomans working with him to help protect our pets and also proudly supports Aussie rescues & NZ rescues!

Delivered to your door by Dr Evan and his team!