Like to partner up?

We’d love to work with you & protect New Zealand pets together!

“This sounds like a fantastic service you’re offering NZ pet owners, a delivery service that allows you to keep on top of fleas. We can’t wait to help you get this started!

Katie, owner of Instagram heartbreaker Pharaoh the black cat. You can see Pharaoh in action here → #pharaoh_black_cat

How do I know if FleaMail is right for me?

Helping New Zealand pets is our mission, so if you love animals too, we’re already half-way there!
Some people we currently partner with include: 

  • Paws4Life – Rescue, rehabilitation & rehoming pets since 2010!
  • Vet clinics and other pet suppliers and professionals.
  • Instagram stars who love their furbabies.
  • Dog training schools and groomers.

  • Bloggers who love cats & dogs!

But even if you don’t work in these fields, please just get in touch, we’d love to chat!

What sort of revenue stream can I create?

We know the time, effort & energy it takes to make people take notice in today’s busy world.
That’s why a recurring-income stream matters – so you don’t have the constant pressure to get sales.

Here’s an example: 500 pets = $6,000 a year recurring, year two $12,000 etc. 

We can also help you with Banners, Voucher codes, Flyers etc, this makes getting set-up a breeze!

What next?

Simply get in touch with the FleaMail team below or on support@fleamail.co.nz thanks!