The best protection for your bestie.

Below are the Aussie products our Vets use for cats and dogs, and why.

> For Aussie Dogs.

There are 2 leading monthly chews for dogs in Australia, Nexgard and Simparica. Our Vets use both (same active ingredient) as they cover more than other products, including ear mites – the no.1 parasite for Vet visits.

The FleaMail plan:

> Monthly: Easy to give Nexgard or Simparica liver chew for fleas, ticks and mites.
> Monthly: ValuHeart heartworming prevention.
> Quarterly: Cazitel for intestinal, tape, lungworms and giardia.

Please note: We ask you for your dog’s medical history and our Vets will call you if there’s the tiniest concern.

For Aussie Cats.

When it comes to protecting your cat, there are two leading spot-ons in Australia, Advocate and Revolution – we offer both. We use spot-ons where possible because giving cats a tablet is like feeding wild tigers!

The FleaMail plan:

> Monthly: Advocate or Revolution for fleas, ear mites, mange, intestinal and heartworm.
> Quarterly: Popantel TapeWormer for tapeworm.

Please note: We ask you for your cat’s medical history and our Vets will call you if there’s the tiniest concern.

What’s inside a FleaMail pack?

Each month a blue envelope will arrive in your mail, addressed to your pet! Inside your first FleaMail are instructions and a handy fridge magnet. All treatments are tailored to your pet’s age, weight, breed and location – from a puppy or kitten to their golden years!

Guys I’m so excited! 😄 I just received my first fleamail! 📬As you all know, my mama is pretty slack these days… so now vet Dr Evan Shaw has personalised a plan to protect me from ALL those nasty flea/worm/tick/mite parasites AND delivers the treatments to my front door every month! 👨‍⚕️🕷🚫

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What day is it today? It’s Fleamail Day! 📩
If you haven’t already known, Fleamail provides your dogs & cats with tailored plan for fleas, ticks, mites, & worms protection. You don’t have to worry about forgetting the treatment because Fleamail will deliver it to your door monthly.

✉️ I’ve got mail ✉️ Fleamail to be precise 🤗 its a great affordable way to get all the good things into me to keep the bad things away and a great reminder for mum as it comes once a month 😆 how easy is that?? #fleamail

It’s so good knowing I’m fully covered for ticks, fleas and an assortment of worms on our adventures with @fleamail.com.au The ticks have been really bad this season, I’m seeing so many fur friends at the vet due to a tick 😮😥The posty gives me my letter and it’s all so exciting!!

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BATMAN!!!! Did you know that we do cats as well as dogs? Well Batman, our newest member does. Even capped crusaders need flea repellant!

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